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introducing-the-uman-ai-free-plan-for-everyone article thumbnail


Introducing the free plan - for everyone

Initially, this was scheduled for September. But with everyone at working at home it makes a lot of sense to make it available as of April, 8th

flatten-the-curve-not-your-learning-curve article thumbnail


Flatten the curve, not your learning curve

There's an opportunity in every crisis.

ai-and-exponential-technologies article thumbnail


5 examples of exponential technologies - Is it more than a catchphrase?

Technology is changing fast. In this article we'll dive into the real time impact it's having on different industries, based on 5 real-world examples that happened in 2019.

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Why teams are moving away from Slack Channels to share knowledge

Slack is an awesome tool for messaging. But it fails miserably when it comes to sharing knowledge at scale and creating transparency in expertise inside teams.

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