Knowledge is wasted unshared

❌ Unshared knowledge hurts staff retention and efficiency.

❌ Knowledge bases are gathering dust.

✅ connects knowledge and suggests it where you work.

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How does work? connects all company knowledge

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One tap.

Add content to your workspace with one tap.

Works with:

👍 Content shared in Microsoft Teams & Slack

👍 Content in Sharepoint, GDrive & Confluence

👍 Any web content (Mobile & Desktop)

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Where you work.

Enrich Google Search results.

✅ Prevent mistakes happening twice.

✅ Learn who's the expert

✅ Discover untapped knowledge

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Collections & Groups

🚀 Build cross-functional teams

🚀 While maintaining a laser-sharp focus

🏆 No more isolated knowledge

There's a price to pay

Ignorance is bliss. And costly.

1 in 3 Good people leave

1 in 3 Good people leave

Gallup research says that 32% of employees leave because they're not growing in their career.

Knowledge is critical to growth.

8 hrs/week searching for info

8 hrs/week searching for info

According to this McKinsey report, that's how much time is spent searching for info.

The same report also mentions that technology will reduce that up to 35%.

Time for a change?

248 days until full productivity

248 days until full productivity

HBR says it can take up to 8 months for new hires to reach full productivity.

Access to the right information at the right time is critical to get started.

New hires should hit the ground running. Not reinventing wheels.

Islands of knowledge hurt your business.

When teams are working from home, knowledge becomes isolated.

The company wiki's remain unused and outdated.

Talent is unable to use and locate experts and content to grow their career.


Connect the dots and learn where you work

Magic happens when you connect islands of knowledge. connects & suggests content where you work.

Connecting with experts, even remotely, has never been easier.

Learn how ML6 used a culture of knowledge to attain a retention rate of 95%
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The company brain that combines all. is a company brain that connects all knowledge inside an organisation. A smart assistant suggests content to those where & when they need it.

Try it out for yourself. It's free.
Pinboard collections

Thank God. Not a new tool. lives where you work. It suggests curated content from colleagues when you need it the most.

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The Board

Where all company insights live: tutorials, how-to's, blog posts, videos, manuals, policies.

Contribute via web, mobile, Slack and MS Teams.

In one tap.

Manage all company knowledge

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Knowing what you don't know

Identify blind spots in your knowledge base. Learn what's missing so that you can close knowledge gaps instantly.

Aggregated and anonymous.

Get to know what you don't know

What clients say

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“A collaborative bookmarking tool on steroids, just what we needed for our teams.”

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Xander Vansteenbrugge

Head of AI Research

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“Since we launched, our #interesting Slack channels are empty.”

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Tijs Balcaen

Open knowledge and Innovation Manager

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“The way connects skills, content and people is such an elegant solution to a complex problem.”

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Matthias Feys



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