Throughout Every Layer of your Organisation Skills are the Backbone to make your company’s Strategy Actionable

Do you have the right Skill Strategy in place to answer these questions?

Detailed Skills Insights

Do you have a clear, detailed and up to date overview of all the (hidden) talent in your organization?

Knowledge Sharing

How do you enable knowledge sharing in your teams and throughout your organization?

Personal growth opportunities

Employee experience is the new norm, but how do you manage to satisfy your employee’s individual growth potential ?

Discover how UMAN.AI can help you to finally manage skills in the most intuitive way


The UMANAI Platform

Enabling Talent to Grow, while providing Businesses an easy way to manage them

Enable Talent to Grow

“Learn the right skills, from the right people, with the right resources at your pace”

Talent Perspective

Your employees' growth is the central focus point of the UMAN.AI platform. Starting from their current skills, passions and goals UMAN.AI provides them with the best next options for their career path. UMAN.AI offers Talent Perspective, helping them to discover the skills they need to learn next to Future Proof their career!

Peer-to-peer Learning

By connecting your employees to the best resources and peers, we enable them to keep growing and learn new skills. They can create and share their own knowledge collections, to learn at their own pace and start building their professional brand.

Unleash the Potential of Your Team

“Enable knowledge sharing in your team and watch your team grow”

Team Knowledge Collections

UMAN.AI enables teams to easily share knowledge among their team members. On top of that, you can learn from other teams around to globe, to make sure your team’s skills remain up to date

Team Strengths and Growth Potential

With easy Skill Assessments, you can easily pinpoint your team's strengths and weaknesses. Find the master to teach the padawan and recognize employees’ passions and favoured growth directions. Now you can match them to the right growth opportunity.

Uncover and Map the Talent in your Workforce

“Make strategic talent decisions based on detailed, up to date skill data”

Having a clear and up to date view of the skills inside your talent pool is the crucial building block for your talent strategy. Every decision related to structural transformations such as agile, talent mobility, succession planning, learning and development, should start from detailed data insights. UMAN.AI can help you gain those insights.

Make Talent Scouting Easier

By leveraging UMAN.AI talent technology, searching your talent pools for the right skills for the job becomes a breeze. You can even search for the people with the most potential to grow towards this new position! Talent Scouting as you have never seen before.

Base your Talent Strategy on up-to-date Skill Data

Get an in depth view in your talent pools across teams and departments. Decide your next hire, training program or promotion on up-to-date, detailed skills data.

AI is more than a buzzword with UMAN.AI.

Machine learning is used in every aspect of the the platform,
from growing the skills engine, to personalized content, to the new revolutionary way
in matching and searching in your talent pools.

Skills Engine Grows Organically

The skills landscape is constantly evolving. To keep this up to date becomes an intractable task. At the moment, the skills engine contains a couple of thousands skills. As users interact with the platform, new skills will be added. UMAN.AI learns the relationships between skills from these interaction, hence keeping the skills engine up to date.

The First HRM Solution that actually understands Talent

By combining huge amounts of data - in the form of vacancies and candidate profiles -, and state of the art machine learning techniques - Deep Learning and graph convolutional networks - the UMAN.AI team was able to create a skills engine that captures the relationships between thousands of skills.

Personalization, Every Step of the Way

In learning, personalisation is key. Everyone learns and grows in their own way. By capturing interaction data with the users on the platform, UMAN.AI can provide this personalized experience in development.

Our Offering

Discover how UMAN.AI can help you with your talent strategy.
We understand that your needs are unique. When determining pricing, we take into account the objectives of your business,
the number of people in your talent pool, and your talent strategy maturity.

Talent Insights

  • Custom analysis of your talent pool
  • Intuitive web platform for your talent strategy
  • Enables employees to discover peers and trending skills

Knowledge Sharing

  • Automatic resource skill extraction and clustering
  • Personalized and contextual content recommendations
  • Detailed insights of talent pool's knowledge base

Our Team, Our Story

Behind UMAN.AI, lies a team of talented machine learning engineers from ML6 and a strong board of HR advisors.
Together we are changing the way of Talent Strategy, forever.

Technical Partnership

With a team of almost 20 engineers in Belgium and the Netherlands, and as an official Google Cloud Machine Learning Partner, we are ready for the challenge.

We’ve build on our expertise in the HR sector by working on the development of a candidate vacancy matching engine for a large recruitment firm. Now we are looking at how we can contribute as much as possible with this gained experience, by bringing our technology inside of your company with UMAN.AI.

Be a part of the journey

Would you like to join our team of strong, engineering minded people? Are you eager to change the future of talent strategy forever? Please get in touch at