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The right source of knowledge wherever and whenever you need it

Your organisation invests a lot of time and money in internal knowledge bases, project debriefs, best practices and learning events. But how much of this knowledge is actually being absorbed by your employees?

Knowledge is wasted unshared.
Content curated by your team, available in your flow of work.
Get the best in-house expert and relevant resources for your current challenge automatically suggested.
You and your team now learn together. Aligned, efficient and focused.

The average employee spends 4.5h per week recreating existing knowledge.

Discover how uman.ai can increase knowledge efficiency with 55%

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uman.ai integrates, captures and unifies all knowledge your team has discovered.

Not just another content management tool... uman.ai integrates with your internal knowledge base (confluence, sharepoint, drive, ...), and captures the external knowledge (blogposts, youtube video's, ...) your employees are sharing, to unify it all into a single source of truth.


42% of institutional knowledge is lost when an employee leaves the company.

Discover our use case how we increased knowledge retention with 80%

Your organisation's intelligent and real time competency map

Are you still curating competency lists in excel and chasing people to fill them out, but still struggle getting the insights in the current competencies of your people?
Did you know that 30% of employee churn is due to project mismatch, not aligned with personal interests?

Automatic competency mapping

Using our AI-fueled skills engine, uman.ai automatically builds real time competency profiles, based on the knowledge your employees consume. Competency sheets are now a thing of the past.

Intelligent matching

Combining this high quality up to date competency data with the uman.ai skills engine enables your organisation to reinvent the way you manage your talent.

Take a look under the hood at our AI powered Skills engine

Trained on millions of vacancies using state of the art deep learning. The uman.ai skills engine learned relationships between +10.000 skills and is constantly growing

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