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"Thanks for the link, I'll read it later"

Biggest lie in modern history

Trusted by digital experts across industries, to keep their skills up to date

“I used to use Pocket, but cleaning out my infinite pocket list became intractable. helps me keep track with my personalized, next best learning”

Nicolas Deruytter

Managing Director

“Bookmarks are now a thing of the past. All my learnings in one place, auto-tagged and categorized for me.”

Xander Steenbrugge

Head of applied Machine Learning research

“ I like to see what my team’s currently learning, I discover new skills my team has everyday. Curated by my team, it’s the reading list I always dreamed of. Collaborative ánd personalised in one package.”

Jasper Verplanken

UX Architect & Digital Strategist shares knowledge. By design.

Time is precious. Stop wasting it on mistakes your teammates already made.

Knowledge collaboration, made dead simple

Long slack and email treads, are now a thing of the past. Create knowledge collections for you and your teams to keep your learnings neatly structured. Just the way you like it

Get to know what your team knows

Knowledge is wasted unshared. Enjoy the clarity of who knows what. Have a quality conversation on your favourite topic, start a project together, or help each other out.

Track and share what you learn, in the flow of work

The browser extension enables you to share and save content in your browser with the push of a button

Data driven talent management, made simple.

Find in-company competences and maximise internal recruitment

Organisations struggle in identifying what skills are in demand to remain relevant. But even in small teams, it's extremely hard to keep track of what skills are in supply. Using our AI-enabled talent insights platform, we can fix talent strategy by identifying and closing the gap.

Internal knowledge and skills map

Finally disclose competence data of an unseen detail. It's the ultimate win-win. Colleagues get more and better learning suggestions and talent managers finally see who can do what. Realtime. Competency sheets are now a thing of the past

Supercharge your learning culture

You can’t buy a learning culture. But you can create an inviting context. is a tool and a mindset. We provide effortless content sharing & discovery, making learning ultimately collaborative.

Under the hood
AI powered Skills engine

trained on millions of vacancies using state of the art deep learning
learned relationships between +10.000 skills and constantly growing

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