Stop the damage Slack does to your knowledge

👍 We love Slack as an enterprise chat app

❌ But there's a lot of good knowledge wasted, every day

🚀 Connect to Slack and see your productivity soar

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Slack integration is part of our Team Plan

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Sorry, Slack. But we have to talk.

At, we can't say we approve.

And it's easy enough to see why:

❌ For most members in a channel, posted links are not relevant

❌ You don't get the message when you need it the most

❌ It introduces a social barrier, you don't want to be the generator of notifications

❌ It's not often people use the chat history to find something shared earlier

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Keep what works, discard what doesn't

What stays

✅ Slack remains the hub of all communication.

✅ Habits die hard so keep sharing links in channels.

What changes

🚀 picks up shared links and adds them for you

🚀 These links are now used as company suggestions in Google Search

🚀 Boost information discovery, retention and resilience

Msteams love hate

Slack & how does it work?

It's very simple.

  1. You add the app to your Slack channel
  2. When you post a link, asks you to add it to your connected workspace
  3. Done.