Save your most valuable asset

Every hour of the day there are insights being generated by all team members.

Not being able to save, structure and share these insights really, really hurts.

Add to Chrome
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A browser extension allows you to save any insight

The browser extension (Chrome & Edge, Firefox) allows you to add any content* to the company brain.

How it works

  1. Install the browser plugin
  2. Tap on the plugin icon
  3. Tap 'save to workspace'

Keep it nice 'n tight

Collections are lists that are used to keep items related to a team or topic together and structured.

*Works with any content

Any content? Yes, if it exists in a webpage. That includes Drive, Sharepoint, Youtube and of course any public web content.

Save any knowledge insight with uman ai

Video Guide

Learn how to use in its full potential in 5 minutes.

We're discussing adding & sharing knowledge, using collections and navigating Google suggestions.