Do you know what you don't know?

With knowledge insights, you do.

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Identify blind spots in your company knowledge

Blind spots hurt productivity and it reinvents wheels.

New hires and seasoned team members alike, a lot of people search the internet for answers.

  • Anonimised view on the topics being searched.
  • Where users haven't used company content to find an answer.
  • Immediate insight in what topics are not covered by internal expertise
Skill gaps

Find and recognise your hidden experts

Teams get bigger and distances grow. We've all been there.

"Who can help me with setting up Google Tag Manager?"

It takes a long time and includes an unnecessary amount of "hops" to get your answer.

Skill experts

Privacy at the core

To prevent any misunderstanding:

🔐 Knowledge gaps are based on aggregated and anonymous data
🔐 Knowledge experts are based on explicit actions on
🔐 It's impossible to trace or track search history or browsing history with
🔐 The browser plug-in can be snoozed and turned off at any time operates very similar to a search engine.

Please find an answer to any concern you might have in our FAQ section.