is now free is a browser plugin that suggests company-curated content in your Google Search.

You're one tap away from adding the most awesome browser plugin in recent memory.

Add to Chrome Hol'up, what's 📹

Heard it through the grapevine

Utterances uttered by utterers

"The way connects skills, content and people is such an elegant solution to a complex problem."

quote owner

M. Feys

CTO, ML6 - AI Consultancy

"Our teams are now built around topics, not projects"

quote owner

T. Balcaen

Innovation Manager, OMCollective - Digital Agency

"It's like a search engine for all your company information sources. Very cool."

quote owner

S. Degroote

Team Lead, AI Consultancy

But, what does it... do, exactly?

We spend over 8 hours per week searching & gathering for information. source

Asking around on Teams or Slack, clicking through Google Drive, searching Google over and over again, ...

But your colleagues have done that too. Doesn't it make a lot more sense to pluck the fruits of their labour instead?

What is 📹

A simple browser plugin

Google Search is the most trusted source of information. But your company knowledge isn't there.

With the browser plugin:

🎓 Suggested content, curated by colleagues and related to what you're searching.

🚀 A productivity boost

🤗 A way to keep you in touch with the content of your colleagues


Content hoarders, this one's for you

You're sitting on that heap of content.

Wouldn't it be awesome if your colleagues would actually find it when they need it?

Just "tap & add"

👆Tap the browser extension

🚀 plugs it into to your colleagues' workflows when relevant

Nice extra's

✅ Collections to keep things neat & tidy

✅ Mention colleagues

✅ Unlimited team members to add

✅ Topic deep-dives - find content on any topic within your team