More tools won't help your team. The right info will.

Remote workers don't need new tools. They need the right info at the right time.

Productivity in remote teams is a huge issue:
🤦‍♂️ 19% of time is wasted on searching the info teams need
🤦‍♂️ Internal knowledge isn’t used, wheels are reinvented
🤦‍♂️ MS Teams or Slack is the go-to channel to find info

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Remote teams spend 19% of their time searching info.

All this time is spend in tools like MS Slack, Sharepoint, Google Drive, Dropbox. etc.
Surely we can do better than this.


In the end, Google Search always wins.

Instead of reusing company knowledge most teams still rely on Google Search to get the info they need.

Teams are not using the full potential of internal knowledge.

Most of it is left unused.

Learn how ML6 retained 95% of its staff putting knowledge at the core.
Google wins

Keep what works. Discard what doesn’t.

There’s an easy solution to prevent teams from using shallow and biased Google results.

Enrich google results with internal company knowledge.

Keep what works

Enrich Google Search with high-quality company knowledge

One simple tap and a browser extension is installed. It adds company knowledge to Google search results.

Productivity soars when everyone is using the best info they can get.

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Add company knowledge

Nobody loses focus anymore.

You win 2 times:

🏆Company knowledge at your fingertips results in faster and better work. Focus-friendly.

🏆Knowledge insights give you a heads-up where employees are searching but not finding relevant company content. Close knowledge gaps instantly.

Curious? Hop in a 30-minute demo meeting. Full-disclosure. No strings.

We love MS Teams. But it has a hidden cost.

MS Teams and Slack introduce a huge number of inefficiencies:

  • People asking around for documents/information
  • Sharing content channel-wide causing content fatigue
  • Chat messages don’t live very long. It's lost in chat history almost instantly.
Learn more on why teams move away from Slack for knowledge sharing
Msteams love hate

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