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Our story

Founded in early 2019, CEO & founder Charles Boutens learned that there's worth something more than gold: knowledge.

Already very early on, it became very clear that something was very wrong in L&D. How we managed this invaluable asset was just... Not right.

Kick-starting the product through the firsts client: a huge financial institute, the team couldn't be happier.

For there on, things accelerated in an almost unreal pace.

Until suddenly. Covid.

Remote learning became incredibly relevant and companies that didn't invest now would struggle to tackle this crisis. flourishes filling this acute need. We provide substantial support for remote knowledge teams, without losing their much-needed focus on the job.

Currently, our team has grown to almost 10 FTE's and is guiding knowledge-driven companies through one of the most uncertain times in history.

There's no better time than today to invest in remote learning in the flow of work. And we're incredibly happy to be part of this movement.

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We've been around...

Our success hasn't gone unnoticed. Thanks to De Tijd, Trends, HLN, Bloovi, Computable, HRD, HRpro, VOV, startups-eu, and many more.

We're happy to share our thoughts on HRtech, L&D and Talent Development. Reach out for more info.

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Meet our first umans

We're an awesome bunch.

Charles Boutens

Founder and CEO

Business Strategy

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Roel Naessens

Founding Partner

Growth Strategy

Digital Strategy

Trusted Advisor

Jasper Verplanken

Co-founder and Head of Product

Product Management

Customer Success


Jana Desomer

Product Designer/Developer

UI/UX Design


Front-end Development

Killian Meersman

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Development


Cyber Security

Karel Vanden Bussche

Full-Stack and ML Engineer

Machine Learning

Dungeon Master


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