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Make nearly 30% less repeated mistakes
Develop faster by becoming self learning teams
Reduce lost knowledge by over 40%

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No more exploding chat channels, unstructured folders or static competency sheets

Your team depends on the right information and skills to get the job done. Information is quickly lost in folders and tools and it’s not transparent who knows what.

This stress and frustration makes your team inefficient and unhappy. is fixing collaboration where it hurts the most

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The easiest way to share information and insights.

Save any type of content with one push of the button, straight from your browser.

- Auto-tagging makes retrieving it later dead simple
- Structure information in collections
- Share with the right people in one go

A bookmarking tool, collaborative and on steroids

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Find relevant content whenever you need it

People go to Google to look for solutions. It’s a habit,but it’s not collaborative. Everyone is continuouslyreinventing the wheel.

the solutionNobody likes changing habits.

- enriches search results in your favourite search engine
- It shows relevant company content, even Sharepoint and Drive documents

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Get to know what skills your team has.

Isn’t it strange how you know what your colleagues had for lunch but not what skills they’re working on? creates real-time transparancy in your team’s skills- Find out who can help you when you’re stuck
- Discuss latest trends with colleagues
- Discover the experts on your team and learn

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Teams that use

Take back productivity

With teams can focus on getting the job done

- Stop chasing notifications and wasting time reinventing the wheel
- Know that the relevant information will find you whenever you need it
- Reduce stress and create purpose for you and your team

Develop skills for the future

Technology is rapidly changing the world as we know it. Skills you have today might be obsolete in 5 years time

- Every expert in your team becomes a personal mentor
- Become a self learning team
- Start developing skills at the pace of disruption

Store what they know

Over 40% of knowledge is lost when an employee leaves.

- stores knowledge much like a company’s collective brain.
- Colleagues’ knowledge will find you when you need it, long after they have left.

not another tool works where you do

As an extension in your browser, improves productivity. Share content and find relevant information, right in the middle of your flow of work.

Our browser plugin works in your favourite browsers

In order to keep our edge as a team of leading AI developers, we need a scalable and reliable way to share knowledge

With we’re building self learning teams. Our experts can now share their knowledge knowing that it will reach their colleagues whenever they need it, in the flow of work. In the meantime we can keep track of how our team develops skills.

Xander Steenbrugge Head of AI research